Technical Parameters
Type5-50kg Granule Packing Scale
WeighingError 0.2-2%
ControlMethodPLC control
Host Power0.9KW
Gas Supplyoil-free, dust-free instrument gas
5-50kg Granule Packing Scale

 Main Features:

² Suitable for Increment Ration Packing Scale with optional Single-hopper-weighing Mode, Single-bag-weighing Mode, Double-hopper-weighing with one bag-clamping Mode, Double-hopper-weighing with two bag-clampings Mode and Double-bag-weighing Mode.

² EMC design with high anti-jamming capability, suitable for industrial environment.

² Cortex-A8 CPU with 600MHz Clock, 128M RAM and 128M Flash.

² 7”/10.2” Ultralight and ultrathin TFT touch screen with embedded weighing/control module.

² Loadcell Interface

l 2 Loadcell ports. Max. Connection Quantity: 2×8 Loadcells (350Ω).

l 24-bit High-precision and high-speed ∑-A/D conversion module with 1/1,000,000 internal resolution and sampling frequency 800Hz.

l Special anti-vibration digital filtering algorithm for ensuring the weighing stability and accuracy when there is strong vibration on the load receptor, and the rapid response capability when the weight signal changes.

² I/O Interface

l 9 Definable normally open switch inputs [DI] and 18 definable normally open transistor switch outputs [DO].

l Optional ‘High/Medium/Low Speed Feed’ DOs for feeding control. Optional Low-speed Feeding Modes: Continuous Feeding Mode and Inching Feeding Mode.

l 2 Definable analog signal AO[0~10V] for weight signal output or ‘High/Medium/Low Speed Feed’ control.

² Digital Communication Interface

l COM1[RS232]&COM2[RS485] for connecting Host IPC/PLC and LED Remote Display.

l COM[RS232] for connecting RS232 Serial Printer.

l USB1 for connecting USB mouse, downloading HMI software from U-disk and copying data to U-disk.

² Software Function

l Manual Screen-locking/Screen-unlocking, Auto Screen-locking, Digital Setting&Calibration and I/O Testing functions available.

l Initial Zero Adjustment after Power-on, Auto Zero Tracking, Zero Fine Adjustment and Zero Calibration functions available.

l Load Calibration and Loss Calibration functions available.

l 10 Recipes for packing control.

l Optional ‘Fall Value Auto Correction’ function.

l Optional ‘Auto Pause for Deviation Alarm’ and ‘Auto Re-feed’ functions.

l Optional ‘Target Batch Control’ function [With Target Batch Count or Target Batch Weight finished, the packing process will stop automatically].

l The Batch Records can be printed automatically.

l Historical Batch Records, Totalizing Reports and Recipes can be queried and printed.

l With the multitasking mode, the weighing&control process will not be interrupted by parameter setting and the other operations.