Application of 25 kg corn powder packing machine
This style of machine can complete the measuring, filling and packing, sealing etc. Because the original design, it’s more suitable for packing the easy flow or poor liquidity of powder and granular materials, such as veterinary medicine, powder granular additives, sugar, cotton, sugar glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, solid medicine, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticide, dye, flavor and fragrances etc.

The main parts of big bag powder packing machine

Automatic filling system

Automatic weighing filling balance

Automatic belt conveyor

Automatic sewing / sealing machine

Electric control cabinet

Working process

Process:Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing →Automatic bag conveying→Automatic bag sewing

Features of big bag powder packing machine

Adopting high precesion sensor and intelligent meters;

Error automatically amended, trouble self-inspected, packaging speed display;

Adopting famouse brand process switch and air equipment, Performance Stable,and easy to maintainence;

Stainless Steel material-containers and flow outlet parts;

Optional machines: sealing machine, coding machine, sewing machine, belt machine.

Digital display —-simple and intuitive, packaging specifications—– any transformation work status, operation is very simple.