Corn Seeds Packing Machine Scales

25 kg 50 kg Corn Seeds Packing Machine Scales

Application: Suitable for cereal’s quantitative packaging like corn, wheat, rice, sesame, beans, etc. This packing machine is mainly composed of packing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and computer controller. Easy to operate, high packing capacity and saves labors.


1, hanging weight sensor makes signal transmission steady, weight precise;

2, Adopt advanced frequency technique with character of fast speed, high anti-jamming ability, stability, and automatic error repairing.

3, adopts infrared transducer and speedy pneumatic device for fast reaction

4, the machine adopts Touching LCD display for easy operation.

5, main machine, conveyer, seal device are integral controlled by computer. This reduces laboring hardness.

6, Rated packaging range is 10-60kg/bag, wide packing scope, high compatibility.

7, automatically accurately store the shift capacity, day capacity and total packaging quantities.