25Kg Valve Bag Dry Mortar Filling and Packaging Machine  is designed to fill free flowing,non clumping  dry powder or granulates into valve bag.

Technical Details

MaterialLime,Gypsum,Sands, Cement , Dry Mortar,Tile adhesives, PVC Powder, Alumina, Zirconium, Carbon Black, Titaum White, Breadcrumbs,Renders Granulated Rubber and similar free flowing products.
Packing Scope5-50 Kg
Capacity7-8t/h,depending on product density,valve size,bag weight,quality of bag, accuracy required and product flow characteristics
Filling Speed5-8 bags per minute
Accuracy±0.5-1% depending on filling speed ,product bulk, flow characteristics, particle size, infeed system and bag size.
Air System Compressed Air 34CMH@800Kpa(8.0bar),Clean Dry Air
Size Footprint 800mm(W)×1600mm(D)×2350mm(H)    

Packing Materials

  Notes: Not Limited(Suitable for powders and granulates within 7mm)


  • Constructed from Mild Steel And powered Coated, so it’s built to last and makes cleaning a breeze
  • High accuracy via patented load cell technology
  • Easy clean out and changeover of new products without contamination via submarine style rear hatch
  • After Bradwood Packaging installs your 25Kg Valve Bag Dry Mortar Filling and Packaging Machine  you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
  • The air flow feed system is capable of high production rates while maintaining good accuracies.
  • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls
  • Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built
  • Manufactured to comply above and beyond Australian standards
  • Pneumatic and electrical control equipment housed in positive pressure enclosure , ensuring dust free environment.
  • Built from structural steel giving maximum strength with minimal dimensions
  • Additional second stage filling hand wheel for adjusting slow speed flow of product
  • Industrial high strength anti- wearing butterfly valve specifically designed for abrasive products
  • Variable body height to suit your bag sizes and product line
  • The heart of China 25Kg Valve Bag Dry Mortar Packaging Machine  is your PLC controller interface, it’s simple to operate Your operators will have it all at the tip of their fingers.
  • Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels
  • The flexible and modular Packaging System can be interfaced with all filling systems and check weighers, so the same control panel operate all packers and weighers