a. using the measurement system independently, without mutual interference, high packing speed;

b. measurement and control system adopts high precision sensor, controller and display multi feeding mechanism specially designed conversion rate of 500 times per second, control algorithm combined with science, high measuring precision, good stability;

c. the operation is simple, the operator only needs to bagging and touch bag clamping switch, and feeding, bag filling, bag unloading action by the scale automatically;

d. a manual control switch, manual control of feeding, feeding mechanism, which is convenient for cleaning the residual material.

e. and material contact parts all use stainless steel.

f. Technical characteristics

(1) packaging net weight: 10-50kg/ bag

(2) packing precision: 0.1%F.S (+ 10g)

(3) packing speed: 250-400 bags / hour

(4) working mode: artificial bagging, automatic bag clamping touch stroke switch, have been weighing material automatic bag filling, automatic bulk.

(5) the scale body can be directly installed on the floor, but also can be installed in the steel structure platform

(6) with manual and automatic two kinds of operating mode, normal mode of operation for the automatic, manual for debugging, calibration and maintenance.

(7) quantitative value can be settled through the instrument keyboard in the quantitative range, In rated packing weight of 10 ~ 200% range arbitrarily set packing weight value.

(8) the weight of packaging and packing times can be automatically displayed, may at any time to display the current weight of packaging and packaging count.

(9) have a fault or mistake operation diagnosis, fault code hinting, measurement deviation alarm

(10) automatic return to zero, and each cycle is to detect zero, automatic correction.

(11) with 485 communication interface, can communicate with computer.

Technical performance

The nominal weight of the package(kg)10-50
A package weight(kg)10-50
Index value(g)10
The package error0.1%F.S
Pack ability(bags/h)250-350
The working environment, power supplytemperature:-10~40℃Relative humidity:10% -90%,Power Supply:Single-phase 220V±15%,50HZ
Power consumption220V   1.5KW
Air consumption0.4~0.6Mpa,1m3 /h