With folder bag weighing measurement, PLC control technology
The independent suspension sensors, signal transmission stability and ensure weighing accuracy
Host, conveyor belts, sewing charter, networking controller, ensure user-friendly operation and reduce labor intensity
The infrared sensor, gate control feeding materials, more energy saving
Weighing control system in accordance with IP54 (dust and water) requirements of the design

Packing Weight:     5-50Kg
Packing Speed:     6-16 bags/min
Packing Accuracy:     ±0.3%
Air Pressure:     0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption:     0.5Nm3
Weighing Mode:     Sensor
Frequency/Voltage:     AC Three-Phase 50Hz/60Hz; 220V/380V
Power:    1kw
Dimensions:     3000×1500×3500mm