25kg powder packing machine

This machine is a large, vertical, three sides sealing, pillow shaped bags, intermittent packaging machine. 

It can automatically bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting the whole process.

The screw displacement measurement method for particles larger than 200 powder material packaging bag. 

All material contact parts are made of stainless steel and non poisonous and wear resistant plastic, in line with food and pharmaceutical packaging requirements applicable to packaging that is easy to flow, or flow of powder materials, such as milk powder, glucose, coffee, feed, pesticides, fuel and so on. 

Metering modeQuantitative screw rotation
Bag SizeL240/300/400mm-W180/220/250mm
Air consumption6kg/cm2 2.5m3/min
Filling weight200-500g (order indication) 500-2000g (filling machine used alone and transform screw attachment)
Packing accuracyPacking weight≤100g deviaiton≤±1g〉100g deviation≤±1%
Packing speed25-60Bag / min
Voltage380V (or custom single phase 220V) 50-60Hz
Volume of the whole machine1300×1200×2400mm