25KG Packing machine

The system includes 25kg packaging machine mainframe, corollary heat sealing machine, sewing machine and conveying system, this machine belongs to semi-automatic packaging line, The whole system is suitable for the packaging and sealing of powder materials.
25kg packaging machine feeding way diversity, gravity blanking, positive pressure dense phase conveying, negative pressure dense phase conveying can be used.

The device can be provided with a negative pressure feeding mechanism to complete automatic feeding.
The mainframe is installed on the floor, this machine is made of stainless steel except motor, cylinder, electric appliance fittings, pneumatic components and conveyor belt.

The contact part of the material is 304 stainless steel, comply with GMP or food hygiene requirements. The storage bin in the mirror polishing, no residual material, easy to clean.
The weighing module uses the METTLER TOLEDO brand, has the anti-overturning and anti-overload protection, 360° circumferential level limit protection, weighing data can be real-time online upload. 

The measurement component is controlled by servo motor, it adopts vacuum measurement principle, make no-dust and high precision packaging come true.

Heat sealing machine can simultaneously complete vacuum and nitrogen gas protection pumping material bags.

Because the equipment set on the ground, and equipped with dynamic conveyor belt, different from the ordinary thermal vacuum sealing machine, can be applied to all kinds of production line.

After conveying the bags to the specified position by hand, sealing and pumping vacuum operation is completely automatic in a closed environment, no pollution, no security risks.

Prolong the storage period of material after pumping vacuum operation.

Plastic sealing machine can be equipped with optional shape- adjustment components, unified material packing size, save storage space.

1)Equipment docked with other suppliers’ equipment conveniently to adapt to a variety of production process.
2)Matching retest scale and other equipment to achieve real-time monitoring of production, real-time data upload