Product Information

1. The usage

The 25kg Packing Machine is suitable for the quantitative packing of granule,such as rice,bean,grain,chemical material.The machine has one weighing hopper inside.

2.Product Feature

  • PLC control system  
  • Two sealing types:sack closer and heat sealer
  • Three-sensor structure to keep more stable
  • Touchable screen
  • Can fill with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to have vacuum packing
  • The sack closer has atuo oil-supply system 
  • Auto sewing
  • Auto thread cutting with infrared sensor 
  • Auto lifting conveyor
  • Easy installation
  • The weighing range is 0.5-15kg
  • The weighing error:0.1%F.S 

 3.Technical Parameters

Weigh Range(kg)0.5-15
Division value(g)2
Weighing error0.1%F.S
Weighing speed(bag/h)<650
Working environment(power supply)Relative humidity (RH) ≤90%,4N-AC380V 50Hz
Power consumptionAir consumption1.1KW 0.4-0.5Mpa compressed air 0.7m³/h