25kg Maize Flour Packaging Machine

Main Function:

Automatically controlling and packaging materials, combing the function of weight display, packaging sequence, process concatenation and fault alarm

With functions of automatic storage, restoring and debugging parameter

Automatically memory the control parameters of ten kinds weight of package, with the daily volume of production, the number of accumulative bag , total output, the total quantity of bags

Automatic Weighing Packaging Machine Application

It is Automatic packing system, Automatic Packing Machine, automatic packing machine for flour, automatic bagging palatalizing machine, full automatic packaging line that applicable for packing granular or particulate materials such as chemistry, fertilizer, grain, rice, flour, starch, pellet, animal feed, urea, phosphate, PP, PE granules, powder, construction materials, etc.

Filling Machine Condition – New

Packaging Type- Bag ,Pouch

Voltage: 380V,

Machine Weight: 700 Kg

Filling Range :: 5 kg to 50 kg

Speed per mint , 5 to 8 bag per mint

Automatic Weighing Bagging Machine

Application: :Maize Flour, Grits ,Animal,Feedstuff, Cement, Aata,