Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine

Value packing machine Series are high speed systems designed for bagging all types of free flowing materials into plastic, paper or polywoven open-mouth bags. They can handle various sizes at capacities of up to 6 bags per minute. We also have double-hopper packer available which double the production rate in this series.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters of Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine:

Technical Parameters of Mortar package Machine

No. ItemSingle valveDouble Valve
1Output capacity5 Ton per hour10 ton per hour
3Pass rate of bag weight95%95%
4Weight per bag: 10-50kg adjustable10-50kg adjustable
5Machine Weight260kg450kg
25kg Cement Mortar Bag Packing Machine Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine

Applications Of Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine:

 Valve packing machine is a kind of high utility of dry mortar rationing and packaging machine , Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine can be used for packaging dry mortar and other powder or particle materials, just as just as cement, dry mortar, fly ash, lime, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, gypsum, bentonite, kaolin, carbon black, alumina, fire materials powder,granule materials and so on

Features of Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine:

 Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine, with dry mortar plant adopts the computerized metering device, thus it can weight accurately, perform stably and be operated easily.

The body of this Mortar Packaging machinery is completely sealed and also it is furnished with dedusting opening. Its structure is reasonable and durable and may realize environmental production in the true sense. Value packing machine with dry mortar machine is small in volume, low in weight and convenient for adjusting and maintaining;

besides, thanks to its mechatronics, The Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine can save electrical energy. Packaging machinery can be classified into impeller type and screw type according to their material discharging mode.

Advantage of  Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Machine:

Advanced design concept, with high production efficiency.
High configuration and low failure rate.
With special fault self-diagnosis system.
High intelligent and modular design, with easy and quick installation.
High efficiency dust collecting system, energy conservation and environmental protection.