This machine adopts microcomputer control and hybrid Stepper Motor Drive Controtechnology. It is characterized by stable, reliable performance, high precision and low noise. It can work in both constantvolume and quantitative models. The blanking is controlled by optoelectronic switch without being influenced by environment parts which contact materials are made of stainless steel materials. And therefore, it has strong corrosion resistance and won’ t pollute material . Only by changing metering screws can solve the problemof packaging

1.The powder packing machine is a mechanical, electrical, optical, one-in, single-chip microcomputer control, automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment functions such as measurement error.

2.Fast The spiral of material, optical control technology.

3.Wide range of packaging the same quantitative packing machine in the 5-25kg,through electronic scales keyboard adjustment and replacement of materials of different specifications for adjustable screw.

4.A wide range of applications a certain flow of the powder-like, granular materials.

5.High precision stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.

  1. Category for bags, cans category, bottles and other packaging containers packed powder Quantitative.
  2. Because Level materials and the proportion caused by changes automatically tracking error can be amended.
  3. Photoelectric switches control, only artificial bagging, clean pocket and easy to Seal .
  4. Contact materials and parts are stainless steel production, to facilitate cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.
  5. Can be configured for the device, more user-friendly.