This semi-automatic packing scale can be supporting for measuring,filling, sealing and conveying if combined with belt conveyor and sewing/sealing machine. 
Due to short body and flexible design on out feed filling,it is suitable for pharmaceuticals raw material, grains,animal feeds, coffee beans, plastic pellets, sugar, salt ,ect.

The quantitative packing of granule  materials in foodstuff,cereal,feed,chemical industry etc.

Measuring  range0.2-1kg1-5kg2.5-25kg5-50kg10-100kg
Packing error0.2%F.S0.2%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S
Packing speed300-500bags/h300-500bags/h300-420bags/h≥300bags/h≥300bags/h
Size(mm) 1725*620*710(mm)1890*620*710(mm)2500*620*710(mm)2500*620*710(mm)2834*700*750(mm)
25kg bagging system automatic packing scale for fertilizer