10-50kg quantitative dap fertilizer pellet weighing packing scale are used to weighing and packing dap fertilizer pellet . The weight from 10kg-50kg are available.

The bag can be closed by heat sealing for lining/plastic bags and sewing(thread stitching) for woven bags, paper bags, kraft bags, sacks etc.

Working Process:

  • An empty bag manually put onto the filling spout and bag clamp, the filling cycle acts ;
  • There is a buffer hopper above the bag clamp, the gravity feeder will fill the material into it;
  • When the weight close to the target value, the fast feeding will stop , meanwhile the slow feeding continues filling till it reached the target value , it stops , so that to keep the high packing accurate;
  • Empty bag will be filled with already weight products which stored in the buffer hopper ;
  • When filling complete, the operator is alerted and the bag was detached from the bag clamp and filling spout;
  • Filled bag was transported to next position to sealing .