25kg bagging machine 50kg filling sealing machines semi-automatic bag packaging machinery
Introduction:This semi-automatic weighing packaging machine usage range: Pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, animal feed, premix, additives, detergents, salt, MSG, sugar, seeds, rice and other grains, powdered materials Packing; on the spiral, rotary cutting methods and other materials not suited to the quantitative packaging; herbal quantitative sub-assembly. 

 Main Features:

1. Electronic scale direct measurement, loading is more accurate; 
2. Microcomputer control, using more reliable; 
3. Dual vibration feeder, more efficient; 
4. Whole stainless steel structure; 
5. Manual bagging, photoelectric sensors. 

 Model List:

1-5kg bagging machine 5-50kg filling sealing machines semi-automatic bag packaging machinery