Product Description1. The system can be applied to various packaging materials such as paper bags, woven bags, plastic bags, etc., and is widely used
in fertilizer, feed, grain, chemical, building materials and other industries.
2. It is suitable for automatic weighing and filling packaging of heavy bags from 10kg to 50kg.
3. Fully automatic bagging machine adapts to uninterrupted high speed operation.
4. Each execution unit is equipped with control and safety devices, achieve automatic continuous operation.
5. Use servo motor drive for higher performance.
6. According to different material characteristics such as pellets and powders, as well as different requirements of production
capacity, equipped different measuring machines and automatic bagging machines.
7. According to different packaging bags and bags sealing requirements, you can choose different sealing types of packaging such
as sewing, heat sealing and sealing edge.

Material Charging –Spiral weighing scale –Automatic bagging machine –Automatic sealing machine– Finished product conveying

3.Technical Parameters:

Production capacity2–3 tons / hour (25kg / bag according to packaging specifications)
1. Automatic weighing machine: packaging material: powder;
Packing specification20–35Kg / bag
Packing speed1–3 bags / min
2.Automatic weighing packing machine(spiral packing scale)
Speed≥ (1 – 3) pack / min
Power supplyAC 380V 50Hz, 16kw
3.Automatic sealing machine
Speed4 times/min
Bag materialpaper bags, woven bags, plastic bags
25KG Automatic rice weighing packaging machine