This semi-automatic packing machine is especially designed for packing powder or fine grains of bad mobility, such as feed, muriate, fertilizers, rubber powder, PE powder, etc. into open-mouth bags like plastic woven bags, Kraft bags, sacks, paper-plastic compound bags and barrels, cartons.

Model: DCS-A25-2
Weighing Range:25-50kg
Packing Speed: 400-450bags/hour
Precision: ±0.2%FS (within 50-100g)
Electrical Power: AC380/220,50/60(V/Hz), 3/1 phase, made as per requirement
Air Source Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Weight: 600kg
Dimension: 3816x1535x3500mm

Work Flow Chart
Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing →Automatic bag conveying→Automatic bag sewing

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