The materials will through the feeding parts(connect hopper) into the gravity feeder then into the weighing hopper, the weighing hopper installation 4 pcs load cell to weighing, manual giving the bag to the packing machine bag clamp  device and touch the sensor, the bag will automatic clamped, the finished weighing materials discharge into the bag, bag release and on conveyor to the sewing machine for bag closed by thread stitching.

25kg 50kg rice grain double bucket quantitative packing scale are used to weighing and packing rice grain. The weight from 10kg-50kg are available.

The bag can be closed by heat sealing for lining/plastic bags and sewing(thread stitching) for woven bags, paper bags, kraft bags, sacks etc.

Our packing machine can working with the automatic sewing machine closed the woven bags, kraft bags, paper bags or sacks by thread stitching and automatic thread cut.

Or the heat sealing machine for lining/ plastic bags sealing.