25kg 50kg Fertilizer Sand Granule Bags Weighing Filling Packing Machine with Sewing Machine Conveyor Belt, is an intelligent packaging machine developed by our factory; it is specialized for the granular materials and irregular materials. Using pneumatic gate feeding or belt feeding modes, and it is with advanced Electrodeless frequency conversion technology.The machine unit consists of automatic granule weighing filling machines, conveyor equipment, sewing equipment, feeding equipment. It is with reasonable structure, beautiful shape, easy operation, and accurate weighing characteristics.

Our products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Such as raw materials, flour, milk powder, starch, sugar, additives, fertilizers, feed, plastic powder, new building materials and other industries.

1. Q : Which packing machine is suitable for us ?

A : Dear, before quoting, please kindly consult us and providing: 1.your product name,product picture. 2.your bag size,such as bag width and bag height. 3.ideal bag shape. For there is over 100 kinds of packing machine,different on bag size. In order to recommend u the best,we need know that information. If u just start this business,no bag size,we can help u to find similar weight bag for your reference.

2. Q: Is that packing machine ok for our product?How to operate it?

A : If you donnot mind,you can send u sample.we will use existing packing machine to test for u. During that time,we will take video and clearer picture for you.If chance,we can take video online and show u.

3. Q: Is that pack many bag size in the same packing machine?

A:That is the common question from our customer.Every packing machine has its range for bag length and bag width.can u send us full details,i will calculate for u and give u exact reply.