Q1. How to choose granules and feed pellet quantitative packing machine? 
Please tell us about your product’s size, fludity, corrosivity,etc. Then our sales will choose suitable model for you.

Q2. Warranty
We ensure one year warranty, life-long service, and provide long-term parts and repair service.

Q3. Pls provide us the following information for the best price:
1) Quantity what you want
2) What kind of material do you want to pack?
3) Packing weight: ?kg/bag
4) Packing speed: ?bag/hour
5) Precision: error range(g)
6) For bag sealing, do you need sewing the bag mouth or heating sealing?
7) Where is your material flowing from? Do you need the screw conveyor or bucket elevator which we can also supply?
8) Packing demand: no packing or wood packing?

Product brief introduction:

The powder and pellet packaging machine consists of a material box, a packing scale, a sewing machine and a conveyor belt. The machine is used to weigh packaged feed, grain, fertilizer, powder, and various granules.

Features of powder and pellet packaging machine:

Scope of application:

1.DCS series twin-bucket powder and pellet material quantitative packing scale, mainly matched with the large and medium-sized food factory, chemical factory, feed factory, a kind of applicable to both powder and aggregates quantitative packaging. Such as:

2.Feed industry feed additive , concentrated feed, premix, additives, etc., and particle feed.

3.The flour, starch, corn flour, yeast powder, salt of the food industry of, etc.

4.The wheat, maize, millet, soybeans, and other cereal grains of the food industry.

5.Coating powder, metal powder, iron powder, calcium powder, zinc sulfate, barium sulfate of the chemical industry . and the rocks &sand, silica sand and small particles of the chemical industry.

Equipment characteristics:

1.This equipment design compact structure, occupy small , weighing speed and weighing accuracy is high, good stability and easy operation. Besides artificial sack, entrainment, weighing, discharge, loose bags by automatically.

2.Use this equipment for packaging the powder above, also pellet feed.

3.Its equipment is measured with two measuring bin for packing, so the packaging production is 2 times of common packing production.

Parameter of powder and pellet packaging machine:

Rated weighing25-50kg / bag
Display resolution5g / 10g
Measurement accuracyStatic state ≤±0.1% Dynamic state ≤±0.2%
VoltageRated voltage of 380V, deviation -15-+10%

Rated frequency 50HZ, deviation + 2%
Packing speedPowder: 8-12 bag / minute
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Total power1KW
Temperature range-10-40℃
Relative humidity≤90%RH