25kg 50kg feed packing machine,feed packaging machine,animal feed automatic weighing machine


Feed packing machine for open mouth bags with high performance digital electronic weighing scale and dosing system by conveyor belt driven by a variable speed motor and flow control gates.

After the bag has been applied manually to the filling spout the filling process is started by a push-button. The filled bag is manually taken off the spout and transferred to the chosen closing station, e. g. sewing machine.
【Bag Materials】: laminated poly woven bag,pp woven bag, pe bag, plastic sack, foil bag, polythene bag
【Packing range】: 5kg/10 kg/15 kg kilograms/20 kg/25 kgs/50kg/50lb/50 pound
【Solutions for】: wheat bran, corn grits, corn silage,barley fodder, soybean meal, rice husk,gluten feed, etc.


1.Affordable and reliable solution

2.Quick external adjustments for different bag widths and lengths

3.Clean bag filling due to well sealed filling spout and dust-collector access

4.High weight accuracy due to the use of the advanced weighing controller

5.Easy handling due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance