Component parts :
Buffer hopper
Filling mouth
Arc feeding mechanism
Vibrating feeder
Dust removal interface
Bag clamping device
Load cell
Bag holder 

Relative machine :
Heat sealing machine
Heat seal conveyor
Sewing machine
Sewing bag conveyor
Reshaping machine ( flatner )

It can realize the function of fast feeding and slow feeding, so ensure the accuracy of packing .

Please Send us The Details for Quatation :The material (to be packed) parameter :

A. Product name ?

B. Diameter of the material (um or mm) ?

C. Form of product ( Granule or powder ) ?D. Bulk density(ton/m3) ?E. Flow ability ?F. Moisture absorption ?

G. Causticity ?

H. Toxicity ?

I. Degree of ex-proof protection for the packing machine parts ?  

Packing Parameter :

A. Packing speed (bag/hour) ?

B. Packaging weight per bag ( KG/bag ) ?

C. Weighing accuracy ?  

Bag/Bucket Parameter :

A. Open mouth bag or valve type bag?

B. What material of the Bag/Bucket, PP bag, PE bag, Nylon Bag, Kraft paper, Paper-plastic composite (inner is plastic, outer is paper) ?

C. Bag size: width*height ( mm ) ?

D. Coiled bags or separate bags ?   

After get the above parameter, we can quote you a very good price