25 kg bag quantitative powder fertilizer filling machines is composed of four parts, which are automatic weighing packer, conveying device, sewing device and feeding machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, convenient operation and accurate weighing.

It is especially designed for packing bagging machine for powders, such as fertilizer, washing powder, wall putty powder, mortar powder etc. into open-mouth bags like plastic woven bags, Kraft bags, sacks, paper-plastic compound bags, etc.

Functionals Features

1. This is an intelligent machine with easy operation, equip touch screen operation panel, PLC unit fixed on the machine;
2. Applicable to all kinds particle & granule item that is non-sticky, such as rice, sugar, bean, corn, soybean, wheat, peanut ect, also suit for animal feed, chemical fertilizer granule ect that is well fluidity item.
3. Belt conveyor and the Motor&reducer gear:the gear reducer is worm type, the running is lower noise, running evenly.
The belt conveyor’s length is 2meter with a standard size.
The belt conveyor’s support height is available adjustable, this design is to comply various bag’s length. Various bag length, various clearance of the bag’s bottom to conveyor’s upper belt surfact when the bag is clampped and overhang.
4. Sewing sealing machine: suit for woven sack and paper craft bags. Of course we have Heat sealing for consumer. The support is also available adjustable height, rotatable in horizontal.