DCS-25 25 Kg Automatic Packing Scale Bag Filling Machine for particles 300 bags per Hour

A. What is 25 Kg Automatic Packing Scale Bag Filling Machine:

Electronic packing scale consists of weighing unit, sewing machine, conveying device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packing control, etc. the whole weighing process is controlled by PLC and completed automatically.

B. Working principle of 25 Kg Automatic Packing Scale Bag Filling Machine:

When the electronic packaging scale enters the automatic operation state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door to start feeding, which is a fast and slow feeding mode; when the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, stop the fast feeding and keep the slow feeding; when the material weight reaches the final setting value, close the feeding door to complete the dynamic weighing process;

At this time, the system checks whether the bag clamping device In the predetermined state, when the packaging bag has been clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the unloading door of the weighing bucket, and the material enters the packaging bag.

The bag clamping device will be released, and the packaging bag will fall automatically; after the packaging bag falls, the sewing bag will be carried out and transported to the next station. It operates automatically in such a cycle.

C. Generally, a packing & palletizing line includes: Electric Cabinet, sewing machine,Sewing conveyor, Bag push machine, Reshapen conveyor,Metal detector,Weight checker,Bag Rejecter,Ink-jet printer conveyer,Ink-jet printer ,Pallet magazine,Palletizing conveyor ,Robot, Wrapping Machine ,Finished palletizing conveyor.

D. According to the different styles of packaging bags, it can be divided into open mouth bag packing machine and valve type bag packing machine

The parameter and function table  :

 25 Kg Automatic Packing Scale Bag Filling Machine
Scope of application
Suitable materialsGranular material or powder material with fine flowability
Suitable packing containerOpen mouth bag, box, barrel
Feeding typeGravity
Alternative feeding typeVibrator
Technical parameters
Weighing range(Kg)25 kg 
Packing speed(bag/H)160-180bag/H ( Gross weight ) 200-300bags/H ( Net weight )
Packing AccuracyGenerally ( +/- ) 0.2% FS, 2δ(Note: special materials shall depend on the industrial standard)
25 Kg Automatic Packing Scale Bag Filling Machine

Product Characteristics .

Used For particles .

Divided into fast Feeding slow Feeding .

It can be divided into: net weight and gross weight .

Configure the machine according to the packing speed required by the customer .

General bag clamping mechanism .

Feeding way: Air cylinder or servo to control arc door .

Machine material is divided into: contact material part is SS304, others are carbon steel painting. Or customized according to customer requirements .
Packing speed : 160-180bag/H ( Gross weight ) 200-300bags/H ( Net weight )
Packing Accuracy : Generally ( +/- ) 0.2% FS, 2δ

Minimum order quantity: 1 set, FOB Shanghai

Delivery time: fast delivery

Warranty: 12 months following delivery. We offer online service 24 hours all day long

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Q: What’s the package ?

A: Most of goods are packed in wooden pallet.

Q: Do you offer Installation & debugging?

A: Our engineers are available to service machinery overseas to help customers to solve machine problems. relative fees need to be paid.

Q: What’s policy for guarantee and broken parts ?

A: As for machine products, our company provides 12 months for all mechanical parts with the exception of electrical and electronic parts and those subjects to normal wear and tear. Meanwhile, the guarantee starts from the shipment (B/L date). The guarantee is intended limited to the replacement of the broken part after checking the construction fault. The inspection of the causes of the trouble or the breakdown of the parts is exclusively up to the manufacturing company. All in all, our company can offer you assured products.

Advantages  :

High accuracy

Easy clean out and maintence

After the machine installs you get hands on training and documentation

The air flow feed system is capable of high production rates while maintaining good accuracies.

Operator friendly easy set

Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life

Manufactured to comply above and beyond international standards

PLC controller interface

The flexible and modular Packaging System