This 1-50kg Automatic scale powder granule rice sugar salt date grains wheat flour detergent fertilizer bag filling packing machine is suitable for powder, flour, granule and other irregular shape products, like wheat, rice, corn/maize coffee granule and powder; fertilizer, detergent powder, milk powder; herb, spices, pepper and etc..

Features :

1.      Electronic and automatic scale

2.      High calculating precision

3.      Easy to operate

Applicable packaging material:

Applicable to woven bag, sacks bag and cloth bag and plastic bags, etc.

Applicable products:

Spice, grain, herb, compound fertilizer, seeds, chemical industry, animal feed pellet etc.

Applicable materials:

particle materials, powder materials, mixing materials

Applicable sealing method:

Hot sealing and string sealing

Working process:

Manual Bag handling→ Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→ bag conveyor→ bag sewing or sealing.