automatic rice packing machine

It is suitable for quantitative packaging of granules in rice, millet, seeds, feed, food, salt, sugar, chemical, etc.

This package machine contains the automatic weighing and packing machine, conveying device, sewing machine. With a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, weighing accurate characteristics.


Bag clamping—Auto filling—Auto weighing—-Sealing

Parameter of automatic rice packing machine

Supply Power380V/50Hz  1.0KW380V/50Hz  1.0KW380V/50Hz  1.0KW380V/50Hz  1.0KW380V/50Hz  1.0KW
Division Value(g)55101010
Accuracy class0.
automatic rice packing machine

Features for automatic rice packing machine

• Easy installation.
• Dual-group high-precision force sensors and intelligent display control instruments, high precision, fast.
• The parts in touch with the raw material are made of stainless steel, it is more save, healthy and long using life.
• High-precision controller, automatic error correction, alarm for over and under tolerance ,fault auto diagnosis
• Adopt imported control instrument, cell and pneumatic elements.
• Suitable for Particle Material weighing and packaging like Rice, Seeds, sugar-making, foods industry ect.
• Big range of Rated package weight , a multi-purpose machine, reducing user investment