Semi Automatic 5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg Bag Rice Packing Machine

Introduction:This machine is the intelligent packaging for the development of granular materials and irregular materials. Using pneumatic gate feed or belt feeding mode, advanced frequency conversion technology.

The packing unit is mainly composed of four parts, which are automatic weighing packer, conveying device, sewing device and feeding machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, convenient operation and accurate weighing.

The machine is mainly suitable for the quantitative packaging of granular, granular powder, strip, block, tobacco and other materials. Such as: quantitative packing fertilizer, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine granules, premix, washing powder, snack food, candy, melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, roasted seeds and nuts, salt, MSG, chicken essence, seeds, grain, metal and other granular materials.

The main technical parameters:

Packing: 5-50kg   

Material: full stainless steel

Maximum weighing weight: 100kg

Packaging speed: 4-6 bags / min

Packaging accuracy: ± 0.2%

Air pressure: 0.4-0 .6 Mpa

Air consumption: 0.5Nm3 / mi

Weighing method: sensor

Frequency / voltage: 50Hz / 60Hz / 220V / 380V

Equipped with power: 2.2kw


Q1. How to find a packaging machine that suits for my product?

Re: Tell us about your product details and the packing requirements. Like the bag size you need or the weight you need for per bag. If available, please send your product pictures for our reference. So that we can have a better suggestion for you.

Q2. Can your company do ODM for the packaging machine?

Re: Yes. Certainly. We have a strong engineering team which can make designs for non-standard machines to meet different needs of package solution.