The organic fertilizer packing machine/packaging machine for fertilizere can be divided into semi-automatic packing machine and automatic packing machine. The packing machine is composed of the automatic quantitative packing scale (including storage hopper, feeder, weighing bucket bag clamping, kneading mechanism, computer control, pneumatic components, etc.) and the optional part(including conveyor machine, sewing machine or welding machine). It adopts screw feeding, and the material is forced out by the feeding mechanism.
Features of organic fertilizer packing machine/packaging machine for fertilizer:
1.High precision: With high precision weighing controller, good stability.
2.Good integrity: Small footprint, flexible installation.
3.Adjustable speed: The feeding mode of powder materials equipment is screw feeding, fast adding and slow feeding is realized by controller, and feeding speed can be arbitrarily set.
4.Environmental protection: Closed internal circulation system, effectively prevent dust flying, improve the working environment, and protect the health of operating personnel.
5.Reasonable structure: The automatic machine has the advantages of compact structure and small size, and can be used for making fixed or moving machines according to the requirements of users.

FunctionPackingPermissible Error0.1%
Raw Material ShapePowder/GranulePower2.2kw
Packing Speed10-12s/bagSealing methodSewing/Heating
Packing Weight Range25-50kgs/bagAdvantageEasy to install
20 kg per bag organic fertilizer granule packaging machine price

1.The packing machine is commonly used to our organic fertilizer production line:
Fermentation machines–granulator–crusher–mixer–packing machine

2.How should to do if I meet some trouble while using?
A:The English manual book and video will be provide for showing how to resolve the problems, if necessary, we will dispatch our engineer to your factory.

  1. Do you provide the installation service after ordering your machines?
    A:As for the single machine, we provide the users instruction and operation video.
    As for the production line,we provide the professional construction drawing,and arrange the engineer guide the user install the machines.Help the user train the skilled workers.

4.Can we visit your factory to see some fertilizer plant with your machine?
A:We really give every customer a warm welcome to visit our factory,and we can take the customer to visit fertilizer plants with our equipment.