This machine is a smart packaging machine scale developed by our company for granular and irregular feed pellet. It adopts pneumatic gate feeding or belt feeding mode and advanced stepless frequency conversion technology.

The machine is mainly suitable for quantitative packaging of granular, granular powder, strip, block, tobacco and other materials. Such as: fertilizer, feed, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese medicine granules, premix, washing powder, snack food, candy, melon seeds, peanuts, dried fruit, roasted seeds and nuts, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, seeds, grain, hardware and other granular materials Quantitative filling packaging.


  1. Weighing and measuring with non-bucket bag, gate discharge, more energy saving.
  2. Adopt all stainless steel production process, PLC control technology, easy to operate.
  3. Independent suspension sensor, stable signal transmission, ensuring weighing accuracy.
  4. The host operation interface adopts electronic screen or LCD touch screen, which is convenient for customers to choose.
  5. Host, conveyor belt, sewing machine, controller network, to ensure humanized operation reduces labor intensity.
  6. Weighing control system is designed according to the requirements of IP54 (dust and water proof).
Product name:Pellet Packing MachineMaterial:Stainless steel 304
Packing Type:5-50 kg/bagpellet size:<150mm
Max Packing Weight100 Kg/bagPacking speed4-6 pouch per Minute
Air pressure0.4-0.6MpaGas source consumption0.5Nm3/mi
automatic animal feed pellet packing machine
Animal Feed Pellet Packing Machine