Description of paint packaging machine

Environmental performance is high, the exhaust system with perfect, thus reducing the dust produced in the process of packaging.Packaging of high precision, there are two feeding way that through import mitsubishi frequency control of motor speed, the engine electronic control adopts PLC control, with high precision weighing sensor and configuration quantitative control instrument imported from Japan, the instrument can be equipped with a standard interface, which can realize communication with the central system, overall monitoring control system for packing.Arch breaker are installed in the bin, in front of the screw conveyor will play loose material, so that the material is not easy to knot the archbridge.environmental protection rubber piece of clip bag device for the mouth, can sealing clamp, won’t have any dust overflow to the packing.Form a complete set of conveying seam system can execute (delivery, plastic bags sealing, ruffled, layering, seam, pallet), etc

*Specifications of paint packaging machine

Error of bag heavy50±0.5kg
Qualified rate of bag heavy98%
Every mouth production10-15t/h
Every mouth power4kw
Single bag weighs20-50kg(adjustable)

 * Applications of paint packaging machine

Medicine, chemical, pesticide, non-metallic, paint, ceramic, etc. Such as: ceramic powder, calcium carbonate, wet powder, carbon black, rubber powder, food additives, pigment, dyestuff, zinc oxide, medicine powder, etc.