1kg 5kg 10kg 15kg 25KG automatic granules bag packing machine

Suitable Extent:

It is suitable for the quantitative packaging of granules in rice, coarse,sugar-making   and food,etc.

Technical parameters

Weighing extent(kg)20~50
Operation speed (bags/h)600~720
Scale interval (g)10
Precession gradeX(0.1)
Power,Power consumption consumption4N-AC 380V  50Hz  1.5KW
Air, air expenditure 0.4~0.6MPa  1.5m3/h

Functions and Features

1         Double discharge, i.e. both weigh-pans. Greatly improve the yield 2         The slow-feeding damper could be adjusted, and vibratory on or off switch, wide weighing   extent

3         Precise weighing, Stable performance, Easy operation

4         Adopt imported control instrument, cell and pneumatic elements.

5         Automatic error correction, alarm for over and under tolerance ,fault auto diagnosis  

6         The parts in touch with the raw material is made of stainless steel and have longer using life

7         Control cabinet build-in design for convenient operation.