The system is applied to quantitative automatic weighing, filling, kneading, accumulating weigh and times, stitching and conveying with manual assistant for powder material in the flour factory and other industry.

Model NameDCS-1DCS-5DCS-25DCS-50DCS-100
Packing Range0.2-1KG1-5KG2.5-25KG5-50KG10-100KG
Packing Error0.2%F.S0.2%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S
Packing Speed300-500 bags/h300-500 bags/h300-420 bags/h≥300 bags/h≥300 bags/h
Division Value2g5g10g20g20g

1.What’s your materials to be packing?And the materials particle size?

As some very fine powder may be stick,so we will adopt different weighing structure device.

2.What’s your bag size(L*W)?

3.What’s your bags materials?Woven bags or others?

4.How many bags per minutes?

5.What’s the packing machine’s materials do you need?Carbon steel or stainless steel?