granule packing machine is suitable for loose rounded granules in the food, chemical and other industrial. Such as: puffed granules, peanuts, popcorn,melon seeds, rice, pepper, sugar,salt, biscuits etc.


  1. The section where the material contact is stainless steel as the body of machine is optional for complete or partial stainless steel and all out equipments have passed the CE Standard.
  2. Optional English or other languages screen display, easy and simple operation.
  3. High-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing and digital input of cutting position get more accuracy.
  4. Packaging speed and length of bags can be set to some extent without further adjustment and parts changing packaging speed and length of bags can be set to some extent without further adjustment and parts changing.
  5. Bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting can be achieved automatically and straightly.
  6. Bag-making equipment can be changed according to specific requirement of customers and products.
Model NO.LM-200A
MeasuringMeasuring cup
Bag ShapeBack Sealing / 3 sides sealing/4 sides sealing
Packing Speed30-80bags/min
Roll WidthMax.200mm
Bag Length30-180mm
Bag Width15-100mm
Machine SizeL)640*W)700*H)1580mm
Machine Weight300kg
Optional DeviceAir-filling device, Punching device

Details of packing machine

Easy Control Touch Screen
Language: Standard English and Chinese. Any language can be customized.
PLC: Imported PLC microcomputer with interface and frequency control enables bag parameter setting more convenient and easier.

Film Roller
The film can be replaced easily on the film roller.
Various films adaptable: OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,MST/PE/PET/PE.

Measuring cup
304 stainless steel measurement parts will measure the weight of each bag automatically.

Bag Former
304 stainless steel bag former is for shaping the film into a bag.
Different bag width needs different bag former.

Bag Cutter Device
High speed of fine and clean cutting and sealing bags.
Positioned stop function avoides sticking blades and wasting materials.
According to customer needs,the bag types can be changed:back seal, three sides seal, four side seal.