Product Description:

The Quantitative Automatic Packing Machine consists of automatic weighing equipment, transportation equipment, heat sealing / sewing equipment, electrical cabinet control system four major components. It has the advantages of precise weighing, competitive price, compact structure, attractive appearance, smooth operation and energy saving characteristics.

Particle packing machine, for granular, good fluidity materials designed by particle packing machine, it has a high weighing accuracy, easy to operate, reliable, fully functional and other characteristics, can be widely used in feed, food , food, seeds, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, non-metallic mineral, chemical, mineral, rubber, leather, fertilizer and other industries

Features of packing machine:

English and Chinese figures show that simple and intuitive, packaging specifications continuously adjustable, anti-jamming technologyPacking Speed: Fast, Medium, Slow three metering; advanced digital inverter technologyHigh precision. Automatic falling correctionThe weight value is set, store, modify, and other functions. Automatic error correction; The total package weight and number of bags accumulated display.With weighing, clamping bags, unloading materials and transfer bags function.

15kg 25kg 50kg Small Scale China Vertical Packing Machine
15kg 25kg 50kg Small Scale China Vertical Packing Machine