ype15-50 kg Granule Packing Scale
WeighingCapacity5-8 bags/min
WeighingError 0.2-2%
ControlMethodPLC control
Host Power0.9KW
Gas Supplyoil-free, dust-free instrument gas
15-50 kg Granule Packing Scale price


1. The warranty period is one year.

2. Ensure that the goods supplied meet the quality specifications and performance of the contract in all respects.

3. Ensure that the equipment has been properly installed and adjusted to meet the contractual requirement after the entire system is in operation.

4. Provide quantitative packaging scales with advanced design and excellent materials. The main components are selected from famous domestic and foreign manufacturers.

5. If the quality or specification of the goods is found to be inconsistent with the contract, or the goods are defective, the buyer has the right to exchange the parts and return he goods.