Fertilizer Packaging Machine Sand Weighing Machine

  1. Suitable for powdery or granular materials with poor flow ability or with moisture, such as animal feed powder, soybean powder, plastic pallets, organic fertilizer, potting soil, pesticides, laundry powder, sand, etc.
  2. Human-machine interface and PLC control system are equipped; automatic detection is provided for malfunction detection. The point of problem, in addition to troubleshooting, is automatically shown on human-machine interface.
  3. Depending on weight of product package, multiple settings can be saved in memory. The machine provides display of accumulated weights and number of bags packed for easy operations.
  4. Step screw conveying system.Weighing by gross weight ,the unit is compact and easy to install for effectived use of confined space .The most economically effctive weighing and packing system available.

Automatic bag feeding-weighing-filling-sealing Packaging Machine

Fully Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Weighing & Packaging Machine