This series bag placer is designed for bagging all types of free flowing materials into plastic, paper or poly-woven open-mouth bags. It can handle pillow-type or side gusseted bags of various sizes at capacities of up to 12 bags per minute.

It combines with sewing and sealing machine creating a complete filling, sealing to palletizing line.

Hopper capacity55L/110L
Packing range20-50KG
Packing accurate≤±0.2%
Packing speed580 bags/hour
Bag sizesL600-1050;W420-520;bottom:75mm
Air consumption750cm³/min
VoltageAC380V 50Hz
Machine weight1300KG
10kg 25kg 50kg rice maize packing scale with sewing machine

•This machine using gravity vibrating feeder suits for good fluidity and regular shape particulate material and irregular shape material   

•Quick and reliable transfer of filled bags to the closing system make continuous bag retaining frombag placing to closing
•Multiple stack bag magazine for great operating autonomy and fast reloading
•Unique bag separation technique providing reliable empty bag handling whatever rigidity of the bags
•Motorized height adjustment of outfeed conveyor
•Fast and simple bag size changeover
•Can handle a wide range of bag sizes
•Rugged, durable construction including high quality and low maintenance components for long-termreliability
• Bag detection system on the spout reducing operator input and increasing cleanliness of the equipment during operation
•Programmable logic controller (PLC) with user-friendly operator interface for easy troubleshooting and error code reading
•Multiple bag closing systemdepending on different kind of bag and sealing type

Application :

Food: sugar, rice, grain
Feed and seed: animal feed, seeds, etc.
Growing media: compost, peat moss, soils, mulch, etc.
Forestry: bark, wood pellets, paper pellets, etc.
Chemical: cat litter, fertilizer, plastic pellets, etc.
Mineral: coal, concrete mix, gravel, salt, sand, etc.