auto granule bulk bag packing machine is developed specifically for 10~50kg heavy bag of granule products which made in agriculture and food industry,such as rice,seeds,fertilizer, feed, sugar,pet food,etc. This machine can realize automatic weighing,bag-feeding, filling, bag-conveying, sealing/sewing, etc.Our company new improve the technology, using high speed servo weighing machine instead of normal weighing machine, increase the weighing speed by a large margin.

10kg 25kg 50kg Feed Grain Granule Heavy Bag Packing Machine
10kg 25kg 50kg Feed Grain Granule Heavy Bag Packing Machine
Our Advantages
Machines Features
High speed servo weighting machine
  1. Contact parts are made by stainless steel;
  2. Single weighing head;
  3. Servo motor controlling the feeding gate;
  4. Touch screen for English interface operation.
Automatic bulk bag packaging machine
  1. Contact parts be made by S.Steel;
  2. With functions for automatic bag taking,bag opening, powder filling etc.
  3. Touch Screen & PLC Siemens;
  4. SMC air Pneumatic;
  5. Delta Servo Motor;
  6. Conveyor system;
Automatic sewing machine
  1. With sewing machine;
  2. Stitching with bag folding;.
  3. Single line stitching.
  4. Auto Pneumatic cutting.
Plat form
  1. For weighing machine supporting
  2. With guardrail and sloping ladder;
  3. Made by painted steel.
Pallet robot
  1. Customer can choose different international brand robot ,such as ABB,KUKA,FUJI for China brand
  2. Can offer pallet system includes pallet library,empty tray feed conveyor,full tray conveyor,wrapping machine,etc. To realize auto stacking and wrapping.