Semi-automatic packaging of glucose, monosodium glutamate,starch,coal powder,cobblestone,paste mass, polyethylene, PVC additive, polyester pellet, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, zinc oxide, adipate, calcium hypochlorite and other powder, particle and platelet materials used in chemical and other metallurgical industries. 

Technical Parameter 

Weighing rangeAccuracyOutput(bag/hour)Power Supply Air pressureOperation environmentFeed mode
200-2000(adjustable)±0.2%FS8~30220/330v;50hz0.55~0.65Mpa-20℃~+40℃Gravity type
1000kg Ton Bag Powdery Material Filling Machine Potassium Chloride

automatic quantitative packaging scales and related automation equipment production lines for engineering plasticschemical industry, mining and feed industries, and a complete set of packaging solutions.We also are committed to quantitative packaging automation,providing single-function equipment with different functions, such as electronic scales,all types of roller and Delt conveyors, metal detectors, weight detectors, various types of picking equipment and other automation equipment Such as industrial robots for palletizing.