The Ton Packing Machine is a large-scale weighing and packaging equipment for large bags of packaging materials. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine that integrates electronic weighing, automatic bag removal and dust removal. Ton Packaging Machine has high degree of automation, high packaging precision and adjustable packaging speed.


1.New controller with high precision,it can display the total weight,number of package,easy operation.

2.The adaptive software,having the function of over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis.

3.Adopt imported sensor,pneumatic actuator,easy maintenance and non-pollution.

4.The main material body is carbon steel with painted plastic.The material contact part is stainless iron,corrosion resistance,and long service life.

5.It is suitable for rationed packing of granules in food, grain, sugar, animal feeds and so on.

Specification of Ton Bag Packing Machine

DCS-10001000kg2.5kw0.1%F.S≥10 bags/h7(CBM)
Ton Bag Packing Machine


1. Just touch the travel switch when starting the package.

2. After the packaging is completed, it will automatically separate from the bag holder and the bag hanging machine and no other operations are required.

3. The function of collecting the thickness and thickness is integrated, which effectively solves the requirements of speed and precision in the packaging process.

4. For the different weight of the packaging process, the bag can be automatically peeled, cleared, and has automatic correction function to ensure the accuracy requirements.

5. For the requirement to detect whether the material contains metal particles, a metal detector can be installed at the inlet.

6. After the bag is automatically dropped, it can be transported to the next.