• Perfect alarm system to help resolve the problem at the first time.
  • Double-belt pulling film system, fast & work stable.
  • International facmous brand PLC to control it, with counting automatically to ensure the machine work stably and low maintenance.
  • Turning touch sensitive screen, also can adjust height, more humanized appearance design.
  • The main components with stainless steel, corrosion resistance, to adapt different environments of workshop. *The machine adopts module structure design to meet the individual needs of customers.
Capacity50 bags/min / machine according to the bag sizes,
it is also affected by the quality of film and bag length.
Accuracy≤±1.5%, depending on the measuring equipment & materials
Bag size(L)50-350mm(W) 50-250mm
Film width 520mm
Bag typePillow bag,punching hole bag,gusseted bag,linking bags
Filling range10-1000ml
Film thickness0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.4m3/min
Total power3.4KW (depend on the specific circumstances.)
VoltageSingle phase220V, three phase380V, 50HZ (depend on the customer’s country)
1000g Automatic Salt Packing Machine