1. Adopts high-precision digital weighing sensor.
  2. Key parts are made of stainless steel;
  3. Feeding elevator is optional, suitable for various material weighing.
  4. Automatic weighing of the different states of materials.
  5. Intelligent weighing , high-speed,high-precision weighing;
  6. Pneumatic bag clip, stable and reliable;
  7. Weigh & pack all types of granule fertilizer.
Package(kg)2.5-5 or 5-105-25
Packing speed(bags/min)4-63-5
Accuracy±0.3% to ±1%±0.2% to ±0.5%
ApplicationCrystal materials with good fluidity Crystal materials with poor fluidity 
10-50kg water soluble powder fertilizer packing machine price