0-50kg flour corn bag filling 25kg automatic powder packaging machinery for sale

This style of machine can complete the measuring, filling etc. Because the original design, it more suitable for packing the easy flow or poor liquidity of powder and granular materials.

Usually we equip the machine sewing sealing machine which is suitable for sewing flour bag, gunny bag, plastic woven bag in the field of food industry, chemical industry, port etc. It is characteristic of advanced technology, stable packing speed, long-time stability, and long working life.

The main parts of the multi function automatic flour packing machine

♥Automatic filling system        

♥Automatic weighing filling balance

♥Automatic belt conveyor          

♥Automatic sewing / sealing machine   

♥Electric control cabinet 

Working Principle of the powder packing machine

First, the bag need be applied manually to the filling spout and the filling process is started by a push-button.Your material will firstly go to the hopper and then be filled into the bags via the feeding parts. The filling flow is controlled by the frequency-change rotating speed. When the bag is filled fully, the bag clamping device will automatically open and the bag will be conveyed to the sewing system for sealing.

Packing Machine Application 

This Machine for Packing non-Free-Flowing powdered or flaked materials into open mouth bags, Representative Materials are Flour, Rare Earth, Bentonite, and Starch etc.

Features of big bag powder packing machine 

1. This is an intelligent machine with easy operation, equip touch screen operation panel, PLC unit fixed on the machine;

Applicable to all kinds of powder and mixed powder-like material weighing filling, such as: fertilizers, additives, flour, milk powder, coffee powder, washing powder, solid drink, sugar, monosodium glutamate, condiments (such as spicy fresh), natural flavoring , enzymes, feed powder (powder, superfine powder), mixing quantitative powder-like material filling.

3. This machine is designed with automatic clapped bag function: there will come out an electro-magnetic signal and the pneumatic cylinder will clap the bag which is still clampped and overhang at the end time of powder filling. This is to eliminate the loosen room in the bag for powder’s loosen density.

4. Belt conveyor and the Motor&reducer gear:the gear reducer is worm type, the running is lower noise, running evenly.
The belt conveyor’s length is 2meter with a standard size.
The belt conveyor’s support height is available adjustable, this design is to comply various bag’s length. Various bag length, various clearance of the bag’s bottom to conveyor’s upper belt surfact when the bag is clampped and overhang.

Sewing sealing machine: suit for woven sack and paper craft bags. Of course we have Heat sealing for consumer. 
The support is also available adjustable height, rotatable in horizontal.

6. We equip the powder filling machine with frequency inverter. The inverter’s function is automatic control auger filler’s motor revolution.This design is both increase filling speed and filling weight accuracy.

Specific Parameters of Open Mouth Powder Bagging Machine         

Technical Parameters of Big Bag Powder Filling Machine
Semi-Automatic Powder Weighing Filling Machine
Power supply1.8Kw, AC380V 50/60Hz
Machine materialstainless steel 304
Filling capacity5-10bags*25kg/min
Filling weight errorLess than 0.3%
Machine dimension240cm*160cm*280cm
Machine Weight460Kg
Pneumatic power supply0.4-0.6MPa
Machine filling range25-50Kg(adjustable)
Bags material appliedSewing sealing:Woven bag, craft paper bags etc;
Heat sealing:PP, PET, Compound film bag etc.