10-50kg diammonium phosphate potassium sulphate potassium chloride packing machine

fully automatic packing machine is developed by our company to solve the problems of less available workers ,higherlabor cost and unstable manual operating qualityfor feed industry,It uses simens PLC control system,achieve bag positioning ,inner bag thermal sealing,bag sewing ,labeling ,Can connect with weighing equipment and later palletizingequipment to achievefully automatic production.Capacity can reach(500-720)bags/min.Using Omron photoelectric system to achiveve process monitoring

A.empty bag checking:machine will check the bag condition during the whole process and it will reject the disqualified bagautomatically;

B.bag wrongly places:if bags are not places rightly,signal will be send to the weighing scale to avoid failure filling;

C.sewing mistake monitoring :system will send alarm when label not ready,sewing line broken ,abnormal particle interfere ,
System will stop until problems solved.

Bag size(mm)L: 800-1000 W: 450-600
Bag materialKraft bag, Woven bag, PE laminated bag
Sealing typeStraight sealing
Package range(kg)10-50
Accuracy±0.2% to 0.3%
Power rate(kw)around 7.5
Power supplyAC 380V/50HZ
Compressed air(Mpa)0.6-0.8
Noisearound 77dB
Environment Temp.~20 ℃ to +40 ℃