fully automatic packing machine is developed by our company to solve the problems of less available workers, higher labor cost and unstable manual operating quality for granule industry. It uses Siemens PLC control system, achieve bag positioning, inner bag thermal sealing, bag sewing, labeling. Can connect with weighing equipment and later palletizing equipment to achieve fully automatic production. Capacity can reach (500~600)bags/min.

The machine needs workers to place the empty bags and labels manually. It can store 400pcs labels and 300 empty bags/store. The storehouse has the alarm function to remind workers when label or empty bags almost finish.

A empty bag checking: the bag will be checking before filling position, if there are broken, curved, no inner bag, or inner bag not reaching bottom, bags will be rejected.

B bag wrongly placed: if bags are not placed rightly, signal will be send to the weighing scale to avoid failure filling

C sewing mistake monitoring: system will send alarm when label not ready,sewing line broken, abnormal particle interfere. System will stop until problems solved.