10-25kg wheat flour big bag semi-auto packing machine

The unit consists of the ration automatic packing scale and the selecting and matching parts: conveyer and the hemming machine. It uses spiral to feed the material, and the feed gearing is suitable for a comparatively worse fluidity of powdery material. The material is discharged forcefully by the feed gearing. The main component parts are: feeder, weighing box, clamping box, the computer control, pneumatic actuator.
Main Using:
It is suitable for rationing package of the powdery material in the feed, food, grain, chemical industry or particulate material. (For example the grainy material in the mixture, premix material and concentrated material, starch, chemical powder material etc.)

  • Automatic and Manual mode.
  • Designed to suit open mouth bags.
  • Multiple product types can be bagged.
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain.
  • System can accommodate different bag sizes using bolt-on fittings.
  • Easy integration with a conveyor.
  • Can be designed as a free-standing (as shown at left) or bolt on to existing supply bin arrangement.
  • Up to 100 different product target weights can be stored and recalled using the digital indicator.
  • Product in-flight is taken into account.
  • Units are built to Customer’s requirements, including bin sizes, bin finishes (painted or stainless steel), mounting frame, discharge arrangement, etc.