1- 25kg Semi-Automatic Feeds Packing Machine Product Application:

DCS-25 packing Machine Unit Line is consisted of the main weighing machine, the 3 meters belt conveyor and auto sewing machine; The machine unit is suitable for customers who pack PP Woven Bag and mainly suitable for granular material. Since then, this machine unit is widely applied in the market of Seeds / Grains / Feed Mill / Chemical Granular and environment protective granular products.

Technical Parameters

Packing Weight1 – 25 kg
Packing Capacity:10 – 20 BPM
Driven Type:Pneumatic & Electric
Weighing Accuracy:≤±0.2% (According to material characteristics)
Bucket Volume:46 L 
Power 1KW
1- 25kg Semi-Automatic Feeds Packing Machine

1- 25kg Semi-Automatic Feeds Packing Machine Features

1 – The Main Machine Frame shall be customized made into SS304 Stainless Steel or Painted Carbon Steel and the customer can choose the painted color;
2 – The machine unit shall adopt instrument panel operating system and Mettler Toledo Load Cell for weighing accuracy controlling at high packing speed;
3 – The machine unit can realize automatic material measuring, manual bag feeding, automatic bag mouth sewing in oone basic line;
4 – Depending on customer’s specific needs for packing, the machine can equip with bag push down conveyor, shaping conveyor, grasp conveyor and robot hand to form whole packing and palletizing line;